St. Francis Animal Rescue has taken in and adopted out over 8,000 animals since we were founded in August of 1997. We couldn't do it without the help of our volunteers. Thank you for your interest in becoming a St. Francis Society volunteer! Please indicate below how you would like to help out.

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There are several ways you can benefit St Francis as a volunteer. We desperately need foster homes for our animals and help at our adoption centers working to get them adopted. We also need dog handlers that can show our dogs at adoption events and welcome anyone with experience in marketing and fund raising/grant writing.


All our animals go into a foster home before they are adopted. This allows us to get a feel for their personality and temperment so we can match them properly with potential adopters. St Francis provides all veterinary care that is needed to get the animal ready for adoption (spay/neuter, vaccinations, worming, etc). It is the responsibility of the foster to bring their foster animal(s) to our vet for services and ultimately to our adoption center when they are ready for adoption. We advertise all animals ready for adoption on our website so we may we get an online adoption request for an animal in foster care. In that case the foster can either arrange to have the potential adopter visit the animal in their home or arrange to meet them with the animal at an adoption center.

Adoption Center

There are two ways to help out at our adoption center, Kennelling and Adoption Counsellor.

Kennelling: Twice a day we let our cats out of their cage for excercise, playtime and love. During that time their cage is cleaned and fresh water and food (if needed) is provided. Petsmart kennels for us in the morning, we kennel in the evening. For example, some volunteers pick a certain day of the week or maybe every other particular weekday. Some volunteers fill in where there are gaps in the schedule for the month. We try to make it flexible for the volunteers.
I would like to be a Kenneller

Adoption Counsellor: Adoption Counsellors screen prospective adopters at the adoption center. They work to try and match a potential adopter with a cat that fits the personality and temperment they are looking for. Adoption center hours are 12:00 - 6:00 on Saturday and Sunday at the Petsmart across from Citrus Park Mall. If you choose to be an adoption counsellor, we ask that you commit to work the adoption center at least one day a month.
I would like to be an Adoption Counsellor

Dog Handler: Dog handlers assist fosters by showing dogs at adoption events and talking to potential adopters about the dog's personality and likes/dislikes.
I would like to be a Dog Handler

Please tell us what motivated you to volunteer,and of any special skills you may have in the area you are choosing.

Thank you in advance for helping the animals!

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