Established in Tampa in 1997, St. Francis Society Animal Rescue is an all volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to saving and improving the lives of homeless cats
and dogs by providing health care and placement in suitable, forever homes.


 Have A Home

We have some wonderful Cats and Dogs in our care that need a home. Please open your heart and give a deserving animal a new start on life.

You too will reap benefits from your adoption. Pets provide us with unconditional love and ask so little in return. Make a difference for a homeless animal today.  

Whoever said "Money can't buy happiness"..... well, they obviously never paid an adoption fee for an animal!

Heart  Your donations make these success stories possible!

These wouldn't be success stories without the generous love and donations we received from all the wonderful people that read their stories and reached out to help them. YOU made these stories possible and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. These very fortunate animals that received your love, THANK YOU TOO!!!
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Sebastian Wilson
Sebastian Wilson


If you love animals and want to make a difference in the life of a needy cat or dog, consider becoming a volunteer for St Francis Animal Rescue. We have a great group of people that share a passion to "Make a difference, One animal at a time..." Join us!

"The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals"                                     ~ Anonymous

Upcoming Event

November 01, 2014
at Original Carrollwood Park

We'll be at Woofstock'14 in Original Carrollwood Park, a beautiful 8 acre private park with a great dog park on Nov 1 to show off our adoptable dogs. This is a family fun day festival, featuring live bands and entertainment, a variety of food and treats, fun activities for kids, including a SuperHero Kid Walk for Rescue and costume contest. There will also be lots of training / agility demonstrations. Bring your best friend and have a ball!

Family Fun Day and Adoption Event
live music & entertainment
dog park contests
20+ Rescues with adoptable dogs
super-fun zone for kids
food & unique vendors
raffles & prizes

Sign up early for the
SuperHero Kid Walk
for Rescues [MORE SOON]

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Adopt Me!
Age:14 yrs 3 months
Adopt Me!
Age:4 months

For those of you that have BELLYRUBITIS,
  there is only one cure......adoption!


And remember, puppies need belly rubs and adoptions too!