The dogs on this page are courtesy listings. They are dogs that need to be re-homed due to some type of family change in the home where they live. St Francis rescue does not know anything about these animals so please use the contact information in the animal's story for more information.

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Date of Birth: 08/01/2015
Sex: Male
Color: Tan & White
Breed: Chihuahua
Weight: 14 lbs
  • My story: Corky is a Chihuahua mix, neutered, microchipped and current on vaccines through January 2018. He is primarily tan with some white and weighs 14.5 pounds. He is house trained but crated at night. We have a fenced backyard so that is where Corky plays, sunbathes and does his business. He can be walked on a leash but due to his fears, we rarely walk him in front of house where there is traffic. He  is working with a trainer who indicates Corky's behavior is fear-based and not due to aggression. She is willing to work with us on the transition to a new, loving home. Primarily he has a fear of noises (e.g. cars) and strangers. He has not been exposed much to children or other animals but he gets along with his trainer's small children, her dog and other clients' dogs just fine. We boarded him for a week in April and have video of him interacting terrifically with staff and other dogs. The staff adored him. He  is very energetic and loving with us. He loves to cuddle and get belly rubs. We are now retired and will be air traveling frequently so would not be able to take Corky with us. That is the reason we are seeking to re-home him with a loving family who will work with him. This has been a heart-wrenching decision because we love Corky very much. Toni Germinario Tampa, FL (813) 766-5994

    Good with Cats: Unknown  |   Good with Dogs: Yes  |   Good with Children: Unknown

This is a courtesy listing for an owned pet, please do not contact St Francis directly. Contact the owner listed above for information on this animal.

Date of Birth: 05/01/2015
Sex: Female
Color: Black & White
Breed: Boston Terrier (Mix)
Weight: 31 lbs
  • My story: Pippin was a bait dog, and attached to her is all the emotional and physical trauma that accompanies that horror. I have worked to socialize her and solidify basic commands with her for the past 20-months, and she has grown exponentially. She sits; waits at doors; waits for her food; knows "stay", "release", "drop-it", "leave-it" "wait", "look", "come" and has great eye contact. I have worked to focus her energy by doing some agility course training with her. She loves the jumps! She plays well with other dogs, but is fearful of people she does not know. She will approach people cautiously, but then run away if they turn to face her. I need someone to take her the remainder of the way; someone who understands the specials needs of traumatized dogs. Pippin is spayed, current on vaccines, and is on heartworm and flea preventative. If you are interested, want more information or wish to visit Pip, please contact her rescuer at [email protected]

    Good with Cats: Yes  |   Good with Dogs: Yes  |   Good with Children: No

This is a courtesy listing for an owned pet, please do not contact St Francis directly. Contact the owner listed above for information on this animal.