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Since all of our dogs live in foster homes and it is up to the foster family to transport for adoption events, we can not ensure that all dogs will be present. If you are interested in seeing a specific dog, please contact the person listed by phone or email to arrange a visit with the dog.


St. Francis dogs/puppies are living in foster homes.
Please contact their foster parent to meet our dogs.

We All Need New Homes!

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Dogs in Foster Homes
Date of Birth:03/21/2014
Color:Brindle (Tan)
Breed:Catahoula Leopard Dog (Mix)
Weight:68 lbs
  • My story: Ralphie is a sweet large baby boy that just needs a bit more training to be your perfect baby. Now two years old...he is starting to mature and settle down. He only wants to please you. You will have your entire face washed every morning as he kisses you when you awaken! He needs to be an only dog as Ralphie does have a problem with sharing toys...but if you have a female dog who doesn't play with toys...that would work. He is living with a pack of six dogs...and he is doing just fine as he knows his role in the pack and there are no toys allowed in our house. He loves to watch tv...and will bark at other dogs and animals on the screen! Ralphie is just a big happy puppy...he is so happy to see you when you come home...sometimes it is like trying to pet a tornado! Invest a little time and a lot of love and he will be a terrific big baby boy for you! Ralphie is up to date on his shots, microchipped, crate and house trained. He does need to live in a house as he has separation anxiety and will bark when you leave him. Come meet this big baby boy who loves give big sloppy kisses, watch TV and play with you!

    Good with Cats: Unknown  |   Good with Dogs: Yes  |   Good with Children: No Small Children

Date of Birth:05/01/2012
Color:Black & White
Breed:Labrador Retriever (Mix)
Weight:57 lbs
  • My story: Trudy is a wonderful girl who fit right in with all the other foster dogs living at the foster home! A happy girl who was saved from a local shelter...she is crate trained, housebroken and knows basic commands. She loves to play with the other dogs she lives with...and could be left out all day without being crated and she doesn't touch anything! She is very gentle and loving and would be a great companion to whomever adopts her! She loves to sleep in bed with you under the covers...and will even cover herself up under the blankets or sheet! Fill out Trudy's application and she will be right over to meet you!

    Good with Cats: No  |   Good with Dogs: Yes  |   Good with Children: No Small Children

Buddy Boy
Date of Birth:08/01/2008
Color:Black & Tan
Breed:Black and Tan Coonhound (Mix)
Weight:47 lbs
  • My story: Hello everyone! My name is Buddy Boy and I am a country boy who loves nothing better than sleeping in a nice comfy doggie bed! None of that outdoor "roughing it" life for me! I am seven years old...but still full of playful mischievousness...and I am a real Gentleman in the house! I don't know why I was put in a Shelter...but I love to play with other dogs...and I am looking for my new "Furever Family" to spend the rest of my life with. I do have a prey drive...so I will chase any of those kitty cats away from your house! So if you need you house guarded from small critters and want a fun loving boy to play with...fill out my application and I will be right over to fill the opening in your household! You will get great benefits and all my love when you adopt me! I am waiting to meet y'all!!!!

    Good with Cats: No  |   Good with Dogs: Yes  |   Good with Children: Yes

Date of Birth:05/05/2011
Color:Brown & White
Weight:8 lbs
  • My story: I was kept in a cage for over 5 years. My first family just used me as a breeding stud and didn't love me. I was rescued from them and dropped off with a nice lady from St. Francis. I took to being a loved family member instantly and while I love my foster family, I really would love a family of my own that will keep me forever. I love to snuggle and watch TV with you as well as just curl up at your feet. I will sleep in my crate without complaint, or at your feet, whichever you prefer. Will you be my forever family? Due to being a 6 year old purebred who needed a lot of care after 6 years without any, my adoption fee is 250. I have no outstanding medical issues that we know of and am incredibly healthy now that my teeth are clean.

    Good with Cats: Yes  |   Good with Dogs: Yes  |   Good with Children: No Small Children

Date of Birth:03/26/2012
Color:Black/Tan & White
Weight:15 lbs
  • My story: Shawn is a purebred four year old Chihuahua. Originally purchased in a New York pet store...he lived his first few years in the Bronx. When his family moved to Florida...they decided that Shawn was one dog too many to own and they gave him up to St. Francis. His family taught him to go potty inside the Bronx house on pads...and not have to go out into the snow. His foster has been trying to teach him the joys of going outside to bask in the sun...but it has been going slowly as he really isn't a fan of the heat. Shawn is good with other little dogs and is loyal and loves belly rubs! He is a good watchdog and loves to follow you around the house. Shawn is also a little chubby...so if you love long walks...Shawn needs to be your companion so he can shed a few pounds and get ready for his summer Florida beach body! He is such a big love...and would love to be your new little man!

    Good with Cats: Unknown  |   Good with Dogs: Yes  |   Good with Children: Unknown

Courtesy Listings...

If you did not find what you were looking for in our list of dogs, you can check our Courtesy Listing. These are listings for people that need to re-home their dogs. Do not contact St Francis Animal Rescue for these dogs, please contact the owner listed in the animal's story directly for more information.