Please FILL OUT ALL FIELDS in this Adoption Application and submit it. The form will be carefully reviewed by an adoption counsellor. We try to get applications reviewed as quickly as possible. If we have problems contacting your references, this will delay the process. Most disapprovals result either from a negative veterinary reference, a "no pets" policy by landlords, or a difference in philosophy regarding the treatment of animals.

Once this application is approved, you can arrange to pick up your new pet. You will receive a copy of the pets health record and a packet of information put together especially for you and your new pet by one of our volunteers.

* St. Francis Society is a privately owned, all volunteer organization. It is our responsibility to find permanent loving homes for all the animals under our care. We will be happy to work with you to choose an animal that suits your wants and lifestyle; however we DO have adoption guidelines and may deny an adoption we feel is unsuitable. Our volunteers have the right to deny any adoption based on their own judgment.

You Are Applying to Adopt...

Date of Birth: 07/02/2019
Sex: Female
Color: Black & White
Breed: American Shorthair
Fur: Short
  • My story: Hi, I'm SNUGGLE! (wanna cuddle???). Although i AM very cuddly, i'm actually named after a fabric softner! My 5 littermates and I were all found abandoned in a laundromat. We aren't sure where our mama cat went or how we got inside the place with all those machines! But a nice lady scooped us up, took us home, and tried to feed us. We were only a few weeks old and still needed to be fed by a bottle! I love playing with my foster friends, especially Woolite who i grew up with, and i also LOVE to snuggle under the blankets with my foster mommy. My purr is as loud as a motor boat and I like to let you know how happy I am to see you and get pets and rubs. I hope you will love me forever!

    Good with Cats: Yes  |   Good with Dogs: Yes  |   Good with Children: Yes

    Check out my video on   YouTube !!!

Adoption Application form

General Questions

Are you over 21? Yes No
Please give your reason for wanting to adopt Snuggle
Is Snuggle for you or your family? Yes No
Where will Snuggle be kept? Inside Outside Both
Do you plan to declaw? Yes No
Are there other cats or dogs in the house? Yes No
Is anyone in the household allergic to cats? Yes No
Have you ever given up an animal? Yes No

Your Housing

Do you rent or own? Rent Own

Driver's License

Drivers license #
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Do you work outside the home or go to school? Yes No

If you are approved for adoption, please indicate whether you agree to the following terms:

I will take Snuggle to the vet when medical services are needed. Yes No
I will arrange for the care of Snuggle during my absences (vacation, etc.). Yes No
I understand St. Francis has the right to confiscate Snuggle if not being cared for properly (i.e. lack of food/water/shelter, roaming free, or any form of neglect). Yes No
A minimum donation (depending on age and breed) is required for adoption. Yes No
I agree to allow communication from St. Francis to ensure a mutually satisfactory owner/pet relationship is established. Yes No
I certify that the information provided is complete and correct. I understand if it is discovered I have given any untrue information, St. Francis Society has the right to confiscate Snuggle without a refund of my adoption fee.